Sports Massage

Sports massage on leg

Therapeutic Massage

Soft tissue massage, to help with pain within the muscles and joints, aids movement by loosening tight or fatigued muscles, increases blood flow to encourage faster recovery. reduce edema and arthritis 

This is a more relaxing massage a perfect stress and pain reliever.

Repose Massage Therapy specialises in re-habilitation and Injury recovery, post surgery or chronic injury.  It has been noted that those with injury/pain struggle to focus on changes, by eliminating some of the physical discomfort that those with injury suffer, the person feels more motivated to re- train or focus on the next stage of their lives. The body will respond to specialised sports massage by allowing the muscles to relax, opening up the blocked parts of muscles which allows the muscle to talk, opening up the neuromuscular pathways which then reduces pain and increases movement. By using massage it increases blood flow which gives muscles important nutrients which then allows the muscle to recover quicker while also removing toxins.




Back Massage

Facial and Massage


Give your body and face a treat, 

Enjoy the Volcanic mud mask made here in Rotorua, New Zealand. 

Used along with Manuka Honey skin range, Wonderful way to give your face healing and rejuvenating the skin,

Whether you have 30min or 90mins.

Facial massages improves the skins glow, relax tense muscles that can cause jaw pain, headaches and frown lines.

Hot Stones

Heat is a known method to ease muscle tension and pain, imagine heat and therapeutic massage together..

What a wonderful way to reduce stress, unwind, increase circulation and pain relief. Treatment is used with Igneous rock, these are rocks that were formed from volcanic activity when magma from a volcano cools into basalt. Basalt retains heat for longer due to the iron content. 

Pregnant Belly

Pregnancy Massage

Prenatal massage improves circulation and helps to decrease swelling, improve posture, muscle tone and flexibility and sleep. Reduces sciatic nerve pain, muscle cramps, Elevates stress and anxiety. 

Foot/Head and Face Massages

Feet play a very important part of our everyday lives, We need to look after them.

Suffering from any form of foot complaints, (plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis,  peripheral neuropathy),  this can change the way our body responds which can cause other parts of the body to not work they way we want to. Knee, hip and back issues can occur. within this treatment  calves will also be massaged.

Head and face can hold a lot of tension and tight muscles especially in your neck, base of skull, forehead, eyes and jawline. 

Massage therapy of the scalp also promotes hair growth, stress relief, improves sleep. helps to eliminate painful head aches, migraines, fibromyalgia of the face and jawline.